du telecom internet packages

Cheapest Internet Subscription in the UAE Du Telecom Internet Packages

Just how much are you currently paying in the UAE for your data programs? With information mounts available and offers at rates, selecting the most appropriate plan could be confusing as ever.


With number portability in place. The Telecom Regulatory Authority (TRA) has opened up the current market. Allowing users to change between operators with no anxiety of losing their amount. Du telecom internet packages operators have continued to provide prepaid and packages attempting to lure the consumers to accept the latter.


Here we split down the programs by Etisalat and du and examine different data plans available. One of the aspects that consumers will need to take into consideration when subscribing to a data program is the rate limitation on offer and your usage policy.


Should you chance to be a significant person intensive 10GB a month. Then the two Etisalat and du charge Dh300 (Dh30 per 1GB of information ). While Etisalat features 20Gb in Dh449 per month at a speed of Dh22.45 each MB, at du you can cover Dh500 for 25GB a month at a cost point of Dh20 a month.

du telecom internet packages

For in precisely the cost point of Dh200 a month which makes it Dh40 each 1GB data. The normal user that has about 5GB data per month Etisalat and du provide plans. But for you are going to wind up depositing Dh100 on du and Etisalat.

For Dh29 to get 250MB charges. In the same way, du will bill you Dh20 of information in Dh50 to get 450MB and 125 matches for MB.


The sport changers will be the weekly and daily statistics packs. Du telecom internet packages provide 1GB of data each week to get Dh50, 500MB in Dh35 and 100MB in Dh15.


Du mobile internet package offer

The programs that were helpful are concealed in the bundle that was daily. Even though Etisalat packs begin in Dh3 every day daily renewed, it supplies you net at 192kbps. In case you need to relish net at a 4G rate. The minimum price you must cover to Etisalat is Dh5 for each 100MB in 0.05 matches per MB of information and Dh10 to get 250MB in 0.04 matches per MB.


Click here to get a comprehensive list of data programs du internet offer


Individuals that are currently looking to access du and only networking stations Du telecom internet packages are supplying a program in which you gain access to pick networking programs. Du’s monthly social program is priced at Dh49 while du supplies a monthly social program for 5 programs. (Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and Blackberry Messenger – should you just happen to use it) to get Dh29. You have to know about the usage policies. Once you cross the acceptable use policy 64KBPS is reduced to by the online rate.

du internet business plan

Du Internet Business Plan

Immediate internet with a connection that is trusted.

Premium and Vital internet

Connect with high-speed internet and support that is secure without restricted Broadband Premium and Business Vital of du internet connection.


Our plans include:

  • 6 days/week installation
  • Dedicated Account Managers
  • 24×7 Service
  • World-class networks
  • High-speed internet


Business Essential

High-speed du internet business plan at prices that are economical.


Managed Dependable connection

Broadband PremiumDedicated internet.

du internet business plan

du internet business plan

Our company benefits

Our solutions may be the trick to your own success. Have a look at all of the advantages we can provide you:


Latest company offers

Boost your business productivity with Tablets, smartphones and devices out there.


One-stop store

Handle everything from fixed-line POS Information, Trade upload and much more with services that are dependable and safe.


Tailor-made solutions

Success comes in all sizes and we’ve got the skills that are necessary to fulfill your company requirements.


Service value

Enjoy communication understanding that You’re currently becoming The lowest prices and value for the money.


Fibre network

Together with our engineers, You will enjoy peace of mind.


Willing to Assist

Enjoy assistance it may be needed by you.



Some info regarding our strategies you ought to know.


1- What’s Business Crucial?
Business Vital is a set of du internet business plan with rates of around 500 Mbps that provides online usage at rates starting from as low as AED 810/month. Business Essential is ideal for both medium and small companies searching for cost-effective and dependable web strategies.


2- Which are the primary features of Company Essential?

  • Endless use of the Net.
  • Download speeds of up to 500 Mbps.
  • Flat-rate prices starting from as low as AED 810/month.What are the fees and the rates for Company Crucial Strategies?


 3- What are fees and the rates for Company Crucial Strategies?

du landline internet plans

4- How can I know which rate to select?

Your perfect speed is dependent upon the number of users/devices inside your enterprise, the number of company programs you use, and the way you use the net on an everyday basis. See the table below for much more:


5- Imagine If I cancel my subscription within the minimum duration of the contract?

Should you Before your contract duration ends you will be charged an early termination fee equivalent to a month’s bill plus any discounts you have used, Cancel the subscription.


6- I am a new client, how do I get more info about the best way best to subscribe to Business Critical Plans?

  • Call us at 800 188
  • Ask a call straight through our site
  • Visit our closest shop with the essential files
  • Email us in business customer care du home internet 


7- What’s going to happen to my strategy at the conclusion of my 12 months contract period (the Minimum Term)?

After Finishing your Minimum Term of 12 months, you may opt to renew using a contract by providing written notice 30 days before expiry of the Minimum 41, or continue. In case after finishing the Minimum Term you choose to finish the program, there’ll be no Termination charge.


8- I am subscribed to the older Business Professional Plan, what happens to this strategy?

If You are subscribed to our Business Professional Plans that are older, you are going to continue to appreciate your advantages.


9- Could I alter my strategy to Business Critical if I am already subscribed to Broadband Premium Plans?

You will need so as to trigger a Business Critical Plan to reevaluate your plan.
Contact your Account Manager to learn more about the best way best to change between programs.


10- Could I get a device using a Business Critical Plan?

Regrettably, Business Essential Plans do not arrive with apparatus, however, you may take a look at our Business Total bundles which also offer you high-speed net, together with company landline solutions, office tools along with a fully/subsidized apparatus (using a vast selection of smartphones and business devices to pick from).


11- Can I alter the rate of my Company’s Essential Plan throughout the contract period?

Yes, It’s possible to upgrade or downgrade your net rate. In the event of a downgrade, then you are going to need to pay a downgrade fee equivalent to a month’s bill of your plan that is present. In the event of upgrade/downgrade inside the contract duration, the contract, so the dedication months will keep on counting from the date of activation will not be reset by us. Speak to your Account Manager.


12- What do I do if I confront a problem with my Company Essential Plan?

In case Of 800 188, please telephone us for any difficulties with your ceremony.


Terms & Conditions

We invite you to read our Terms and Conditions. Your access along with your usage or purchase Services suggests that you have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions.

du internet for 1 day

1 AED = 1 GB Du Internet for 1 Day

Wherever you go, get net connections. Even 1 dirham means a lot and has importance to our prepaid customers with a very affordable du internet package for one day.


UAE residents can encounter the 4G LTE community of du internet for 1 day Included in a promotion for data that is daily strategy.


Users can get 1GB of all du daily data package that is full-speed for 1 AED per day.


The voucher for du internet for 1 day plan renews every 24 hours.


The deal is currently available for customers on prepaid plans for a limited period. Subscriptions are permitted.


Users may subscribe via du home services.


Users may cancel the Strategy, along with with their subscription every time Will renew. The data will soon be available until the end of the validity interval.


In case of renewal error due to deficient credit, a grace period of 3 days will be awarded to recharge and renew the subscription.


How to subscribe?

To subscribe, dial *135*505#.

du internet for 1 day

Now instead of 10 AED, get du internet for 1 day in 1 AED only.


*  This offer is valid for a limited time only


Du 3 AED per day internet data deal

Du launched a new du internet package one day in 3 AED for customers that is unlimited to be used for only AED 3 per day. Starting January 8, individuals in UAE Pay As You Go, company and all postpaid clients in addition to Alo postpaid clients are able to utilize data freely and at full rate and to gain from this period offer.

“We Would like to provide our customers with an offer which can add to the Excitement of beginning. Infinite data at just AED 3 daily – something. We would like people to experience the real feeling of boundless data at full rates. Without the fear of the net being cut off or slowing down and in exceptionally attractive expenses.” Stated Fahad Al Hassawi, du, Chief Commercial Officer.

The information allowance is for all kinds of data usage for example Surfing. With networking that is social and viewing videos.

Pay As You Go Alo and clients can register every day and so the moment. Clients don’t have to register the Unlimited Daily Data provide is recurring.

Clients subscribed to some of the programs that were postpaid. In addition to Company postpaid clients – they will have the ability to make the most of this offer when the information allowance contained in their strategy was consumed.


How to avail this offer?

By dialing *135*244#, therefore, are eligible to buy the data package once every day and


How to register Sim Card in UAE

How to Register a Sim Card in the UAE | Detailed Guide

All you need to understand about post-paid and prepaid cell phone programs

Dubai: Cell phone connections are vital residing in the UAE. You do not have to step from the airport to get your hands on a sim card when you land in the UAE when Du internet regular bundles are around.

Visitors The age of 18 can be found a Sim card that was free and they’re able to pick from either of the two service providers from the UAE — Du or Etisalat. User-friendly and affordable du internet monthly packages are what chosen by most tourists and new visitors in the UAE

You can purchase a new Sim card add talk-time and information into the 1 given to you.


How can I get the free Sim card?

Visitors over age 18 can find the Tourist Sim bundle, which comes preloaded with a free Sim card, three Flexi minutes, 20mb information and one-month validity. And can be expanded to du monthly internet packages.


Tourists can include more Du calling minutes and data via three recharge alternatives by du:


1-  Pay Dh25 and receive 150 MB information — 10 flexible moments, three-day validity

2- Pay Dh55 and receive 500 MB information – 20 flexible moments, seven-day validity

3- Pay Dh110 and receive 2 GB info — 40 flexible minutes and 14-day validity

To trigger the Sim, dial * 122 #, you have to insert the Sim card into your phone and follow directions.


Documents necessary for a free Sim card in UAE


Passport and visit visa.


For new Residents, however, you would have to enroll for a Sim card that is routine. You can get Cell Phone connections from the suppliers – Etisalat and du – with two choices:

1- Post-paid

2- Pre-paid


What is the difference?

du internet monthly packages

Pre-paid links a Top-up, either with a telephone card, which can be available in various denominations (Dh25, Dh30, Dh50 and so forth ) from every supplier or via other alternatives including online payments or via the regional bank. You could see them.

As Soon as You have awakened your Telephone, join information bundles and it is possible to make calls.

Post-paid links a Lot of instruction to enroll for, and consumers get an invoice at the end of the month or billing cycle, they must pay with a date.

Payment could be done through the Suppliers’ programs, their kiosks, in their site or via many banks.


What documents do I want?


To get a Prepaid number, you will need to supply:

  •  Valid Emirates ID.


To get a Postpaid home connection, you have to supply:


  • Valid Emirates ID.
  • Stamped salary certification (minimum cover of Dh4,000)/automobile registration and credit card (If You Would like to enroll to get a strategy linked with a device such as an iPhone or Samsung telephone )



To get a Prepaid number, you have to supply:


  •  Valid Emirates ID.


To get a Postpaid connection, you have to supply:


  •  Valid Emirates ID.
  •  Cover or certification slip.


· Any credit card (if you would like to enroll for a plan linked with a device such as an iPhone or Samsung telephone ).

Activation of the ceremony takes Anywhere from 1 hour to a couple of hours, based upon the authentication of files.


How long is your Sim card valid for?


Users Will Need to supply their Upgraded Emirates ID every time. Users are advised to upgrade.

If the files Aren’t updated At the time the support supplier cancels the service of the Sim card.


Just how much does the cancellation of a post-paid line price me?


TRA announced new guidelines for cancellation of Post-paid relations, where rather than Needing to cover the lease fee of 1-month Consumers will pay the lease of the 1-month fee.


800155 The call center number for du home internet connection. From a du phone, you simply need to dial 155.

du internet wifi

It Just Got More Easy to Cancel your Post-Paid Connection

Whether it’s your Elife or Du internet wifi plan. You can get your post-paid plan canceled by just paying these fees.


If you’re stuck in a contract or post-paid mobile plan that doesn’t suit you properly or a program you’re not pleased with, good news! You still got a chance to have a more reliable plan du broadband plans offer without any hesitation of thousands of AEDs to pay at cancellation.


You can now exit of that plan by just paying a fee for the month only, no matter when you signed up the contract with your service provider.


The Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRA). Announced On January 1, 2020, that its choice to deduct a service charge that is one-month. Just for termination charges of service contracts may consist of service contracts that are obsolete.


Before that, there was a similar statement made in March 2019, but that was for the contracts made up after the announcement.


Eng. Majed Al Mesmar, Director General of TRA said telecom service customers have the choice. To get services with or without all across the country.



Relief will be offered by this statement to anyone that is not happy with their providers’ contract. Or want to switch to a more suitable plan like du home plans. Or bundle they’ve enrolled for and wished to change to a strategy contract.


If you wish to enroll for these post-paid plans. You just need the following documents to apply now to change to a more suitable plan like du internet wifi or landline plan.


For a connection that Etisalat offers:

  • Valid Emirates ID.
  • Stamped salary certification (minimum cover of Dh4,000)/automobile registration and credit card (If You Would like to enroll to get a strategy linked with a device such as an iPhone or Samsung telephone )


To get a du connection, you need to provide:

  • Legitimate Emirates ID.
  • Salary certification slip.
  • Any charge card (if you would like to enroll for a strategy connected. With a device such as an iPhone or Samsung telephone).


What are you waiting for? In the event that you waited for your contract to finish to change to a program, at this point you don’t have to wait anymore now. Change to du net offers and surf limitless.

du home packages