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DU internet offers 5G services first time in UAE, Free mobile give away for selected customers


Customers winning in the giveaway will get 5G enabled mobiles free!

5G Internet in Uae

Du broadband services have announced its giveaway to selected customers to bring more value to customers and announced the most awaited 5G services for the first time in UAE.

On June, 19 Du home internet turned on to the 5G services. Du internet offers a much faster internet connection which can be run by the newly launched Axon Pro 10 Mobile device. Du has collaborated with ZTE for customers to access 5G services across the UAE.


How much 5G mean for Emiratis?

The living style in UAE is modern and you need ultra-fast internet to stay connected across the UAE. We live, work and play with internet and telecommunication companies like Du have understood the needs of Emiratis now.

The noticeable thing with Du 5G is a great speed – streaming YouTube videos and playing high graphic games now will be faster than before with du internet offers. Which will give a chance to businesses to grow even more.

5G Internet in UAE

More Responsive

Getting results for queries in a few milliseconds.

Capacity of 5G

5G enables more devices to and a large amount of data to transfer and connect in seconds.

Ultra-high-speed surfing

Crowded areas will be more accessible to surf the fastest internet by Du broadband.

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