How to register Sim Card in UAE

How to Register a Sim Card in the UAE | Detailed Guide

All you need to understand about post-paid and prepaid cell phone programs

Dubai: Cell phone connections are vital residing in the UAE. You do not have to step from the airport to get your hands on a sim card when you land in the UAE when Du internet regular bundles are around.

Visitors The age of 18 can be found a Sim card that was free and they’re able to pick from either of the two service providers from the UAE — Du or Etisalat. User-friendly and affordable du internet monthly packages are what chosen by most tourists and new visitors in the UAE

You can purchase a new Sim card add talk-time and information into the 1 given to you.


How can I get the free Sim card?

Visitors over age 18 can find the Tourist Sim bundle, which comes preloaded with a free Sim card, three Flexi minutes, 20mb information and one-month validity. And can be expanded to du monthly internet packages.


Tourists can include more Du calling minutes and data via three recharge alternatives by du:


1-  Pay Dh25 and receive 150 MB information — 10 flexible moments, three-day validity

2- Pay Dh55 and receive 500 MB information – 20 flexible moments, seven-day validity

3- Pay Dh110 and receive 2 GB info — 40 flexible minutes and 14-day validity

To trigger the Sim, dial * 122 #, you have to insert the Sim card into your phone and follow directions.


Documents necessary for a free Sim card in UAE


Passport and visit visa.


For new Residents, however, you would have to enroll for a Sim card that is routine. You can get Cell Phone connections from the suppliers – Etisalat and du – with two choices:

1- Post-paid

2- Pre-paid


What is the difference?

du internet monthly packages

Pre-paid links a Top-up, either with a telephone card, which can be available in various denominations (Dh25, Dh30, Dh50 and so forth ) from every supplier or via other alternatives including online payments or via the regional bank. You could see them.

As Soon as You have awakened your Telephone, join information bundles and it is possible to make calls.

Post-paid links a Lot of instruction to enroll for, and consumers get an invoice at the end of the month or billing cycle, they must pay with a date.

Payment could be done through the Suppliers’ programs, their kiosks, in their site or via many banks.


What documents do I want?


To get a Prepaid number, you will need to supply:

  •  Valid Emirates ID.


To get a Postpaid home connection, you have to supply:


  • Valid Emirates ID.
  • Stamped salary certification (minimum cover of Dh4,000)/automobile registration and credit card (If You Would like to enroll to get a strategy linked with a device such as an iPhone or Samsung telephone )



To get a Prepaid number, you have to supply:


  •  Valid Emirates ID.


To get a Postpaid connection, you have to supply:


  •  Valid Emirates ID.
  •  Cover or certification slip.


· Any credit card (if you would like to enroll for a plan linked with a device such as an iPhone or Samsung telephone ).

Activation of the ceremony takes Anywhere from 1 hour to a couple of hours, based upon the authentication of files.


How long is your Sim card valid for?


Users Will Need to supply their Upgraded Emirates ID every time. Users are advised to upgrade.

If the files Aren’t updated At the time the support supplier cancels the service of the Sim card.


Just how much does the cancellation of a post-paid line price me?


TRA announced new guidelines for cancellation of Post-paid relations, where rather than Needing to cover the lease fee of 1-month Consumers will pay the lease of the 1-month fee.


800155 The call center number for du home internet connection. From a du phone, you simply need to dial 155.

Du Home Internet Plans

How to Set Up a Mobile Phone in Dubai for the First Time

Just moved to Dubai for the start of your new life in Dubai? Using the same mobile phone roaming mode from your home country costs you too much? We all know home country data plans are going to be very expensive, but here’s how Du home internet plans crafts cost beneficial and most suitable package for you.

Luckily, there are nearly instant solutions.

- Du home internet plans for home

In what easy way you can get a local SIM?

Very! Actually, you’ll find Du sales booths right at Dubai’s two International Airports. As soon as you undergo the ultimate customs check and out into the Arrivals area.

Du home internet plan offers an all-in-one pack called Visitor Line, which costs AED 100. It includes an area SIM for your phone and is valid for up to 60 days. It is often further extended, but most new arrivals will have their residency visas and places of abode settled by then – and can probably want to maneuver to something more comprehensive (and cheaper) for extended-term use.

Du home internet packages, incidentally, offers just about an equivalent thing to the new arrival called the Visitor Mobile Line. It overheads just AED 35, then it is valid for 7 days. It also can be renewed/topped up, so you’d got to do the math on which of the 2 deals above is best/cheapest for your personal needs.

Be very sure what you would like when choosing du home internet

If you discover after a few of months that you simply need more minutes or more gigabytes of mobile data, it’s always easier to upgrade to a costlier plan which will offer you what you’d like than it’s to downgrade – because you’re not using (or likely to use) all those minutes and gigabytes you thought you would need throughout the month with du home internet plans.

Du Home Internet Plans

Telecom giant Du to increase spending on 5G and du home internet plans technology to 25%

Du broadband is set to enhance 3 new data centers in the Emirates and plans for more than 7 hundred 5G towers in 2019


With the technology rate of Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (Du). Can surge the maximum amount as twenty-five percent to AED one.5 billion within the returning year as Du broadband aims to support 5G and du home internet plans property within the UAE, the second-biggest Arab economy boasts quite one hundred percent portable penetration.

In 2019, when 5G is already introduced. The new 5G speed now depends on powered, detailed and cloud infrastructure, which ultimately demands greater investments in data manner.

Du, which is already leading with 10 operational data centers across UAE, is working to introduce more 3 data centers in the coming year.

More 5G towers will ultimately convert in speedy 5G and du home internet plans connectivity in the UAE. Du is serving consumers with 120 5G towers at the moment and Du is all set to introduce and add 580 more towers by the end of the current year, And to provide courage to every occupied part of the Emirates.

Du tech prediction for 2020

The fifth-generation wireless networks. Normally spoken as 5G, are going to be up to one hundred times quicker than the 4G network presently utilized by quite three.6 billion mobile web users around the world. in step with the U.S.A. research worker Gartner, common fraction of corporations globally conceive to install 5G by 2020 as its speed can change new industries like remote surgery through period video streaming and higher gambling experiences and increased realty services, moreover as safe autonomous transport.


Telecom giant Du to increase spending on 5G and du home internet plans technology to 25%
Telecom giant Du to increase spending on 5G and du home internet plans technology to 25%

The increasingly high demand for 5G-enabled devices. And du internet plans for home by the consumers is fulfilling by Du broadband. Currently, Du is fulling this demand with ZTE 5G handsets. And forming collab with Huawei and Samsung smartphones.

    du home packages