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If you have no clue concerning the proceedings and you are fresh in Dubai and don’t know the way things operate here, we have got you covered.

The very first thing you have to do is get no compromises on this, a bundle. You have got to need an online du home package if you would like to roam around at town and also be able to discover various tourism areas or where you are staying; there aren’t any second questions relating to this.


View & Compare all of the Hottest Du new internet package and plans for daily, weekly & monthly together with Complete Web MBs, Subscribe Code, SMS, Minutes, etc..


Du Pre Paid Data Plans

Internet Deal

Du Super Recharge information


ON-Net Minutes: 0

OFF-Net Minutes: 0

Complete SMS: 0

Total Online: 450 MBs

How to Register or Activate? : SMS control to 1311:moredata50

The best way to Un-Subscription? The bundle will Auto Unsubscribe the following 30 Days if an equilibrium is LOW.

How to Check Package Reputation? : Not

Bundle Cost: AED 50(Include Tax)

Package Validity: 1 Month


Du Tourist Plan


ON-Net Minutes: 20

OFF-Net Minutes: 0

Complete SMS: 20

Total Online: 500 MBs

How to Register or Activate? : http://www.du.ae/personal/mobile/prepaid-plans/tourist-sim/registration

The best way to Un-Subscription? : Bundle will Auto Unsubscribed After 30 Days.

How to Check Package Reputation? : You are able to utilize tourist sim for 90 days.

Bundle Cost: AED 55(Include Tax)

Package Validity: 1 Week


Du Monthly 500 MB Plus 500 MB Social


ON-Net Minutes: 0

OFF-Net Minutes: 0

Complete SMS: 0

Total Online: 1 GBs

How to Register or Activate? : Dial *135# then follow the directions

The best way to Un-Subscription? :’Data Assist’ into 1355

How to Check Package Reputation? : texting’equilibrium’ into 1355

Bundle Cost: AED 55(Include Tax)

Package Validity: 1 Month


Du Silver Monthly Info Sim strategy


ON-Net Minutes: 0

OFF-Net Minutes: 0

Complete SMS: 0

Total Online : 3 GBs

How to Register or Activate? The bundle will be triggered automobile upon SIM buy.

The best way to Un-Subscription? The bundle will Auto Unsubscribed following 30 Days, But SIM will remain valid.

How to Check Package Reputation? : Not

Bundle Cost: AED 99(Exclude Tax)

Package Validity: 1 Month


Data credit defense

All du new internet package and plans are shielded using our Data Credit When your allowance is finished protection attribute, which prevents your information utilization. The Du Data Credit Protection attribute will be triggered as soon as You buy a package


Track your information use

Keep an eye SMS to 1355 of the keyword equilibrium’

du internet for 1 day

1 AED = 1 GB Du Internet for 1 Day

Wherever you go, get net connections. Even 1 dirham means a lot and has importance to our prepaid customers with a very affordable du internet package for one day.


UAE residents can encounter the 4G LTE community of du internet for 1 day Included in a promotion for data that is daily strategy.


Users can get 1GB of all du daily data package that is full-speed for 1 AED per day.


The voucher for du internet for 1 day plan renews every 24 hours.


The deal is currently available for customers on prepaid plans for a limited period. Subscriptions are permitted.


Users may subscribe via du home services.


Users may cancel the Strategy, along with with their subscription every time Will renew. The data will soon be available until the end of the validity interval.


In case of renewal error due to deficient credit, a grace period of 3 days will be awarded to recharge and renew the subscription.


How to subscribe?

To subscribe, dial *135*505#.

du internet for 1 day

Now instead of 10 AED, get du internet for 1 day in 1 AED only.


*  This offer is valid for a limited time only


Du 3 AED per day internet data deal

Du launched a new du internet package one day in 3 AED for customers that is unlimited to be used for only AED 3 per day. Starting January 8, individuals in UAE Pay As You Go, company and all postpaid clients in addition to Alo postpaid clients are able to utilize data freely and at full rate and to gain from this period offer.

“We Would like to provide our customers with an offer which can add to the Excitement of beginning. Infinite data at just AED 3 daily – something. We would like people to experience the real feeling of boundless data at full rates. Without the fear of the net being cut off or slowing down and in exceptionally attractive expenses.” Stated Fahad Al Hassawi, du, Chief Commercial Officer.

The information allowance is for all kinds of data usage for example Surfing. With networking that is social and viewing videos.

Pay As You Go Alo and clients can register every day and so the moment. Clients don’t have to register the Unlimited Daily Data provide is recurring.

Clients subscribed to some of the programs that were postpaid. In addition to Company postpaid clients – they will have the ability to make the most of this offer when the information allowance contained in their strategy was consumed.


How to avail this offer?

By dialing *135*244#, therefore, are eligible to buy the data package once every day and


du internet at home

Useful Commands for UAE Customers

Du internet at home and Etisalat customers can use various mobile controls to Transfer credit to send additional and telephone requests. Below is a list of codes and commands you can use. Table: List of controllers / SMS to get Du customers Description Control Client Maintenance Dial 155 Transfer charge Dial *121*telephone number*figure # Check balance


Du daily plans clients can utilize controls to transfer Charge send more and phone requests. Below is a list of commands and codes you can use.


Table: List of controls / SMS for Du clients

Supply: Du Home


Table: Du internet at home alternatives and up controls that are top

Du customers, were you aware?

The info that arrives together with your option or · Moments might last for a restricted time period. As an instance, if you receive the Data employing a recharge quantity of AED 20, you are able to utilize 40 MB worth of information that’s valid for 30 days.


  • You will find more info about Du orders’ set. SMS HELP’ into 7726.


  • Every single time you buy it Charges you fil.


  • There’s a Du data manager program you can download to Check your Smartphone use every month


Table: List of commands/SMS into Etisalat customers

Du Net Packages


  • by using the charging command you’re able to create your loved ones, coworkers and friends cover your telephone.


  • The amount of credit transfer is the maximum is and AED 5 AED 100 each transaction.


Mobile portability

Prepaid and postpaid customers from the UAE have the choice of Transferring their numbers between Etisalat and Du internet home package offer. Bear in mind that any charge or advice balance will be dropped during the market. Discover more to modify your telecom supplier.


Before swapping, research Du offers and Programs and Etisalat programs that are cellular before making a determination and provides.


Buy parking by SMS

You may use your telephone by using to pay for parking zones that are That the RTAsmsParking in Sharjah’s mParking agency in Dubai or mawaqif in Abu Dhabi.


  • Dubai: Swing Plate No.

Register on the RTA web site. Send an SMS in the arrangement above. 30 fils will be charged by the SMS and you are going to have to get credit on your phone to have the ability.


  • Sharjah: Plate origin Plate number

It’s possible to use a similar ceremony in Sharjah called SMS parking. An SMS can be sent by Etisalat and du clients in the format to 5566. The plate origin in this circumstance is your car or truck is enrolled in and ought to be abbreviated, that the emirate. To acquire a vehicle as to the plate resource, you FUJ For example.


  • Abu Dhabi: Plate CategoryPlateNumberTariff OR NicknameTariff

to cover parking ship an SMS to 3009 in the arrangement above. The service is referred to as mawaqif service and customers can register their cars to pay for parking. We will need to create a more mawaqif account although we don’t have to enroll their automobiles.


Other hints:


Get Du Internet Packages as 1.2.3.


UAE has ranked # 1 for fastest internet in region

UAE has ranked # 1 for fastest internet in region | Is du home internet giving value to their consumers

The UAE has now ranked in the list of world’s most internet usage country.

Not just for the affordable packages, UAE has been ranked for the fastest internet in the region. One of the major contributing Du home internet services has ranked for the highest internet speed across UAE. Their average broadband plans start just from 299 AED.

Some consumers think internet packages are the most expensive in the UAE than in other countries in the region. But what analyst says are good reasons to consider UAE # 1.

Telecom and networking analyst at international data corporation Krishna Chinta said, Countries with smaller populations suffer expensive internet to provide this level of high-speed internet.


Du Home Internet

Price comparison of different countries

A recent report compared broadband internet prices in around 200 countries showed.

The most expensive country was Muritaniya, wherever the common monthly package was listed as the equal of 2820 AED per month. Relax, Emiratis have du home internet packages offering starter plans from 299 AED with the download speed of up to 10 Mbps, which can’t be compared to Ukraine’s home internet package costs just 18 AED ( the cheapest internet connection country )


Du commits to constantly increase internet speed to available potential customers. As well as launching Du 5G internet with ultra high speed across UAE.







Du Dongle

When You Want Broadband On The Go, You Need Du Dongle!

Du Dongle, a fantastic accessory that can make our lives much easier.

Du dongles making ease in life for everyone across the UAE to access the internet easily. Portable dongle devices, easy to use, and, best for everyone.

Get access to the internet wherever you are in the UAE. Read on this short brief article and get to know exactly what a dongle is, indeed you should get one, but how to find a deal on du dongle plan.

Thanks to the advance du dongle devices in the hardware world, it is now possible to have small devices that allow us to transfer data between computers without the need to use cables that link them together.Du Dongle

To find more information about dongle devices we recommend you continue reading the next part of this post, where we tell you some more features of this type of device so useful for users.

Types of du dongles

Du dongle devices have not only become one of the most widely used means for storing digital files but also constitute a really interesting option to transfer information between computers and peripherals, as well as to share the network connection.

DeviceMemory CapacityInternet Type
Internet Key4 GB4G LTE 100 Mbps
Internet Key4 GB21.6 Mbps
Mobile Wi-Fi4 GB7.2 Mbps
Mobile Wi-Fi4 GB21 Mbps
Mobile Wi-Fi8 GB100 Mbps


Du dongles make you access the fastest Wi-Fi.

Du dongles devices are designed to carry anywhere.

These du dongles can be used for multipurpose: to access internet / to store files. Du dongles are cost-beneficial and are easily available all across the UAE.

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