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How to Get Du TV and Internet Connection for Home in UAE

Whether its  TV, internet or landline connection in UAE, Du TV packages and Du Internet offers got covered.


Dubai: Ultra-fast Internet, Free calls to all UAE landline and HD TV screening. That is exactly what you get when you set up an internet and landline connection in the UAE.


Moving into a new home in the country means your home has the necessary home internet connection. The UAE has two major players in the marketplace — Du and Etisalat — and you need to decide on either of the two depending on which package suits you. Here we breakdown everything that you need to know to get your complete home internet connection.



Du and Etisalat have rolled out the 5th generation network system, and also have plans to expand the service.


In UAE there was Etisalat – The only service provider – Until DU Broadband came in 2007.


What services are supplied?


du tv and internet

The company gives the following 3 main services:


  • Home phone (which you can convert to some fax by simply linking it to a fax machine)


  • Broadband internet


  • TV connection


Client Support Hotline:

101/ 800 101


Du Home Internet

The relatively new giant and player in the UAE telecommunication market – Du Offers – Has provided competitive and more beneficial du TV and internet plans for UAE residents. Here is a brief of everything you need to do to get a du home connection.


What services du TV and internet package brings?

Du offers gives the following benefits to home users:


  1. Landline phone connection


  1. TV packages


  1. High-speed du internet connection


These services are available standalone as well, more du TV and internet packages can be availed on the homepage.


What documents do I have to provide for home connection? 

Both telecom providers demand almost for the same documentation for home internet connection but here is how du Tv and internet are more reliable.


Du vs Etisalat

Etisalat: A client has to give the followings for a home connection:


  • First Emirates ID


  • UAE residency


  • Subscriber ought to be over 21 years old


Du: You will need to provide the following:


  1. Home proof, for example, tenancy contract or bank announcement


  1. Valid identification, such as visa and passport


A power of du or attorney consent If a client isn’t offered form is needed. All files have to be originals that are legitimate.


What are the fees that I need to think about?

Fahad Al Hassawi, Deputy CEO of du, told Gulf News: “As we always innovate to create an outstanding experience for many of our clients, we operate to deliver the value for money by providing solutions and products which are tailored and personalized for their various requirements. Our prices vary to Dh500 from Dh299 a month or Dh1,000 based on TV bundles and the rate there is a client in need of. Irrespective of charges, there’s something for everyone at du’s unique home solutions portfolio.”


Setup fees Vary dependent on to.


What are the ways I could pay?

These are some of those manners du TV and internet users may pay their invoices:


  • Du app


  • Calling 155 / 188


  • Through your bank


  • Quick pay machine


  • At partner outlets


  • Mobile payments


  • Cheque (just at du stores)

In a statement, Al Hassawi stated: “Supplying payment methods which enable clients a smooth transaction and experience to satisfy their personal account needs is an integral focus for du. That is the reason why we attempt to provide a variety of digital and physical payment choices which include various touchpoints.”


Which are the cancellation charges? Is there a minimum contract?

If clients Will Need to Make an early conclusion prior to the end of the contract’s length, they’re subject to cancellation charges such as a one-month MRC (monthly recurring fee ), to a max of Dh1,000, in addition to a fee for the expense of the device/contract period. This is dependent on the contract period minus the number of weeks the client spent in the contract.


TRA declared new guidelines for new relations, in which instead of being required to cover 1 month’s lease fee multiplied by the number of weeks remaining on the contract, customers will only pay 1 month’s rental fee. On the other hand, the rule is only going to be relevant for relations, and also not be executed on links prior to the statement that was made in March 2019 taken.


Can I change from Etisalat to Du?

Once you choose any of the du home plan for you from du internet Tv packages, you have to notify du of it, and the switch will be managed by du.


Just how long does it take to find the connection working?

The connection can take anywhere from several hours to a couple of days that are working to be set up.


Customer service hotline:

155 / 800 155

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