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Don’t Have Du New Internet Offer? You Can Still Navigate Your Way Across Dubai

The town navigation app offers quick and accurate information on traffic in Dubai.

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) declared on Monday. That it has updated the Smart Drive app to direct drivers using GPS technologies. Without needing du new internet offer on mobile devices.


The town navigation program Offers instant and accurate information. Concerning the traffic state in Dubai, due to this interface of the Dubai Municipality program with Makani.


Other Characteristics of this app comprise payment of parking charges. Specifying parking areas’ zones, allowing Salik top-up, revealing maps utilizing 3D or 2D screen to match various kinds of devices, exhibiting UAE landmarks also offering three choices for displaying the map: night afternoon and automobile.


CEO of RTA’s Traffic and Roads Agency. Maitha bin Adai, stated: “The user interface of Smart Drive program was revamped. Where added search features are added allowing users to define their locations more correctly. The process is aided by new icons providing more information to the streets traffic condition, and also the usage of Makani Changing system’s code within the program map.”

Smart Drive UAE

The Smart Drive program can be found on Google Play and iTunes. Three million consumers have downloaded the program, according to the RTA As it was established in 2014.


Dubai landmarks are exhibited Beautifully and interactively; the UAE map is upgraded, displaying the places of water transport stations, bus stations, subway and tram stations, and parking places in Dubai. Additionally, it alarms drivers about the rate, traffic requirements on Dubai streets along with other high tech characteristics which make drivers journeys in Dubai smooth and secure, and the best you don’t even have to burn your data on du new internet offer, additional bin Adai.


Smart Drive program features

>Accurate, instantaneous traffic Info

>Parking charge payment

>Paid parking places signal

>Salik top-up

>Maps using 2D or 3D display/day, nighttime, auto mode

>UAE landmarks screen in 3D style

>Accessible iTunes, Google Play


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