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Telecom Sector Focuses on Prepaid Subscriber | Premium Du Internet Prepaid

Set to provide more choices to maximize its mobile revenues


Dubai: Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC), Du internet offer‘s parent firm, stated that its prepaid section is continuing to decrease from the UAE but its emphasis on du internet prepaid subscribers will be bearing fruit.


He explained that the company is in discussions with Microsoft and WhatsApp for video and voice calling, but didn’t throw light.


“We’re closely tracking this. That’s precisely why it’s interesting to have a brand like Virgin Mobile since it permits us to tackle a portion of this high-end prepaid marketplace,” he explained.


In the next quarter, the operator has seen a 3.3 percent Reduction in the third-quarter. Cellular subscribers to 7.71 million, in contrast to 7.97 million per year before. But its cellular earnings increased slightly by 0.3 percent to Dh1.78 billion in the next quarter.


Fresh approach

du internet prepaid

Despite a fall in the number of du prepaid internet packages subscribers, Sukhdev Singh, executive director of market research and advisory company Kantar AMRB, stated that du has promised its revenues because of a fantastic grip among postpaid subscriber base one of whom the ARPU (average revenue per user) is frequently much greater.


Sultan stated that du is currently simplifying more and increasingly more of its own plans And easing the stations for postpaid and placing offers.


“We Can’t raise the costs as this is the tendency at the Telecom market. We’re working very aggressively to take customer expertise to another level and together with the”longer for more” alternative. Individuals who were needing 1GB data before desire 3GB du internet prepaid data now, 5GB or 10GB today. And that are paying outcomes,” he explained.


For the section, he stated that raising of its own reach in the nation and incorporating content is their approach.


Telecom Infrastructure


The operator has a 16 percent market share at the fixed-line section from the UAE. “It isn’t surprising to say that the significant impetus to increase for du internet plans have come in the line. The expansion is very likely to emerge from winning rivalry customers in traditionally Etisalat regions. Along with tailwind from fresh subscriptions in brand new communities,” Singh explained.


Sharing of network infrastructure that is by the telecom. In order that both Du and Etisalat could eye each other’s market share Operators started in 2015.


Both operators have indicated their area of policy serves zones in Dubai. And Etisalat functions the UAE’s remainder and the areas.


Singh stated that coming up in Dubai. Du home internet is expected to gain the most and that’s currently revealing in its own results.


The telecom operator said its own capital expenditure has reduced this season however, Du internet is constantly making an investment that will grow with 5G expansion in the region in 2020.


“Operationally, we made excellent progress throughout the quarter. In improving our electronic transformation schedule and cementing our expansion into a completely integrated ICT participant,” Sultan said.


How to register Sim Card in UAE

How to Register a Sim Card in the UAE | Detailed Guide

All you need to understand about post-paid and prepaid cell phone programs

Dubai: Cell phone connections are vital residing in the UAE. You do not have to step from the airport to get your hands on a sim card when you land in the UAE when Du internet regular bundles are around.

Visitors The age of 18 can be found a Sim card that was free and they’re able to pick from either of the two service providers from the UAE — Du or Etisalat. User-friendly and affordable du internet monthly packages are what chosen by most tourists and new visitors in the UAE

You can purchase a new Sim card add talk-time and information into the 1 given to you.


How can I get the free Sim card?

Visitors over age 18 can find the Tourist Sim bundle, which comes preloaded with a free Sim card, three Flexi minutes, 20mb information and one-month validity. And can be expanded to du monthly internet packages.


Tourists can include more Du calling minutes and data via three recharge alternatives by du:


1-  Pay Dh25 and receive 150 MB information — 10 flexible moments, three-day validity

2- Pay Dh55 and receive 500 MB information – 20 flexible moments, seven-day validity

3- Pay Dh110 and receive 2 GB info — 40 flexible minutes and 14-day validity

To trigger the Sim, dial * 122 #, you have to insert the Sim card into your phone and follow directions.


Documents necessary for a free Sim card in UAE


Passport and visit visa.


For new Residents, however, you would have to enroll for a Sim card that is routine. You can get Cell Phone connections from the suppliers – Etisalat and du – with two choices:

1- Post-paid

2- Pre-paid


What is the difference?

du internet monthly packages

Pre-paid links a Top-up, either with a telephone card, which can be available in various denominations (Dh25, Dh30, Dh50 and so forth ) from every supplier or via other alternatives including online payments or via the regional bank. You could see them.

As Soon as You have awakened your Telephone, join information bundles and it is possible to make calls.

Post-paid links a Lot of instruction to enroll for, and consumers get an invoice at the end of the month or billing cycle, they must pay with a date.

Payment could be done through the Suppliers’ programs, their kiosks, in their site or via many banks.


What documents do I want?


To get a Prepaid number, you will need to supply:

  •  Valid Emirates ID.


To get a Postpaid home connection, you have to supply:


  • Valid Emirates ID.
  • Stamped salary certification (minimum cover of Dh4,000)/automobile registration and credit card (If You Would like to enroll to get a strategy linked with a device such as an iPhone or Samsung telephone )



To get a Prepaid number, you have to supply:


  •  Valid Emirates ID.


To get a Postpaid connection, you have to supply:


  •  Valid Emirates ID.
  •  Cover or certification slip.


· Any credit card (if you would like to enroll for a plan linked with a device such as an iPhone or Samsung telephone ).

Activation of the ceremony takes Anywhere from 1 hour to a couple of hours, based upon the authentication of files.


How long is your Sim card valid for?


Users Will Need to supply their Upgraded Emirates ID every time. Users are advised to upgrade.

If the files Aren’t updated At the time the support supplier cancels the service of the Sim card.


Just how much does the cancellation of a post-paid line price me?


TRA announced new guidelines for cancellation of Post-paid relations, where rather than Needing to cover the lease fee of 1-month Consumers will pay the lease of the 1-month fee.


800155 The call center number for du home internet connection. From a du phone, you simply need to dial 155.

Du package

UAE telecom operator reveals du package offering unlimited mobile data plans

There’s nothing more terrible than hitting upload on an Instagram shot and understanding that you’ve come up short on your mobile data.


Fortunately, du has quite recently announced another postpaid Power Plan that highlights boundless web for Dhs500 every month.


That indicates you can download, stream and peruse as much as you need for one level expense.


This includes 1500 national minutes, just as 100 GB of free data on WiFi UAE and a free membership to the du Entertainer application.


This du package comes with a 1-year contract for a limited time. So the consumers like you who love on the go internet can get buying like a du dongle.


There’s additionally a less expensive plan available for 200 AED a month, which offers you 200 GB mobile data and 700 national minutes. Obviously, there’s a starter-level plan also available for just 125 AED, which offers you 4 GB mobile data with 200 national minutes, However, everyone loves to go for a totally unlimited data plan!


Fahad Al Hassawi, vice president official of Telecom administrations at du, stated: “At du, we constantly effort to be customer-focused and the rollout of these world-class plans mirrors our responsibility towards improving human associations through our predominant telco experience.

Du package

“We realize our clients long for information-rich, calm network arrangements, which is the reason we are conveying boundless information and worth, just as separating the boundaries to straightforward availability to help there in a hurry regular day to day existences.”


It comes only days after the UAE portable system reported that clients will get double broadband speed as a feature of a free redesign.


Du broadband is offering the expansion for all time for all new and existing triple-play home clients (that implies they give your broadband, du TV and telephone) at no expense.


Clients have been naturally moved up to the new speeds meaning they can in a flash receive the rewards while surfing, downloading and gaming.


Du Data

Browse & Surf Ultra-Fast Internet with Du Data Plans

Du data plan holds various plan options. This makes it easy for everyone to find a mobile phone plan that fits well in everyday life without weighing in your pocket.

But with so many du data bundles, it can be tricky to know which modality is best for you. This relatively short article will guide you to select the best du monthly plan that fits perfectly with your monthly consumptions.

The first step is to decide between a postpaid plan and a prepaid plan, which are offered at the du data package. Each has different advantages. You have to know the options better to find out which type of plan is best for your day to day.

Du data packages to keep you connected with your friends, family, and co-workers. Choose any plans that suit you the most to your needs.

Du monthly data packages – Postpaid

Data UsageTypeAEDValidity
1 GBRecurrent50Monthly
3 GBRecurrent100Monthly
10 GBRecurrent200Monthly
40 GBOne-off50030 Days

Du monthly data packages – Prepaid

Data UsageTypeAEDValidity
1 GBOne-off60Till the end of your bill
3 GBOne-off120Till the end of your bill
5 GBOne-off160Till the end of your bill

Prepaid or Postpaid Plans: Which One is best for you

Du Data

Anyone who is willing to spend a little more and commit to the monthly bill of a du monthly postpaid plan has the advantage of choosing fuller-service plans. 

And you don’t have to worry about having your deductible closed before the end of the month. 

Those who prefer to have more control over spending and have reduced mobile phone use, both in calls and internet use, can save with du monthly prepaid plans. In this case, it is worth looking for packages that offer advantages to the most used services.

What to consider when choosing a postpaid plan

First of all, of course, you should consider the call, SMS and your internet usage. Then choose the best package that fits perfectly to your estimated monthly usage.

The good news is that du monthly plans for postpaid are really quite varied in this regard. And it fits anyone’s usage.

Those who spend more time on mobile and enjoy video apps may prefer du unlimited data package.

Prepaid Plans for Those Who Want More Control

With the prepaid plan, you decide how much you want to put credit on your cell phone, and spend this amount as needed. The advantage with du data plans is that you are not stuck with a certain monthly expense. That is, it just spends how much it really needs.


  • Browsing speed (fastest internet all across UAE).
  • Easy setup.
    du home packages