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It Just Got More Easy to Cancel your Post-Paid Connection

Whether it’s your Elife or Du internet wifi plan. You can get your post-paid plan canceled by just paying these fees.


If you’re stuck in a contract or post-paid mobile plan that doesn’t suit you properly or a program you’re not pleased with, good news! You still got a chance to have a more reliable plan du broadband plans offer without any hesitation of thousands of AEDs to pay at cancellation.


You can now exit of that plan by just paying a fee for the month only, no matter when you signed up the contract with your service provider.


The Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRA). Announced On January 1, 2020, that its choice to deduct a service charge that is one-month. Just for termination charges of service contracts may consist of service contracts that are obsolete.


Before that, there was a similar statement made in March 2019, but that was for the contracts made up after the announcement.


Eng. Majed Al Mesmar, Director General of TRA said telecom service customers have the choice. To get services with or without all across the country.



Relief will be offered by this statement to anyone that is not happy with their providers’ contract. Or want to switch to a more suitable plan like du home plans. Or bundle they’ve enrolled for and wished to change to a strategy contract.


If you wish to enroll for these post-paid plans. You just need the following documents to apply now to change to a more suitable plan like du internet wifi or landline plan.


For a connection that Etisalat offers:

  • Valid Emirates ID.
  • Stamped salary certification (minimum cover of Dh4,000)/automobile registration and credit card (If You Would like to enroll to get a strategy linked with a device such as an iPhone or Samsung telephone )


To get a du connection, you need to provide:

  • Legitimate Emirates ID.
  • Salary certification slip.
  • Any charge card (if you would like to enroll for a strategy connected. With a device such as an iPhone or Samsung telephone).


What are you waiting for? In the event that you waited for your contract to finish to change to a program, at this point you don’t have to wait anymore now. Change to du net offers and surf limitless.

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