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Cheapest Internet Subscription in the UAE Du Telecom Internet Packages

Just how much are you currently paying in the UAE for your data programs? With information mounts available and offers at rates, selecting the most appropriate plan could be confusing as ever.


With number portability in place. The Telecom Regulatory Authority (TRA) has opened up the current market. Allowing users to change between operators with no anxiety of losing their amount. Du telecom internet packages operators have continued to provide prepaid and packages attempting to lure the consumers to accept the latter.


Here we split down the programs by Etisalat and du and examine different data plans available. One of the aspects that consumers will need to take into consideration when subscribing to a data program is the rate limitation on offer and your usage policy.


Should you chance to be a significant person intensive 10GB a month. Then the two Etisalat and du charge Dh300 (Dh30 per 1GB of information ). While Etisalat features 20Gb in Dh449 per month at a speed of Dh22.45 each MB, at du you can cover Dh500 for 25GB a month at a cost point of Dh20 a month.

du telecom internet packages

For in precisely the cost point of Dh200 a month which makes it Dh40 each 1GB data. The normal user that has about 5GB data per month Etisalat and du provide plans. But for you are going to wind up depositing Dh100 on du and Etisalat.

For Dh29 to get 250MB charges. In the same way, du will bill you Dh20 of information in Dh50 to get 450MB and 125 matches for MB.


The sport changers will be the weekly and daily statistics packs. Du telecom internet packages provide 1GB of data each week to get Dh50, 500MB in Dh35 and 100MB in Dh15.


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The programs that were helpful are concealed in the bundle that was daily. Even though Etisalat packs begin in Dh3 every day daily renewed, it supplies you net at 192kbps. In case you need to relish net at a 4G rate. The minimum price you must cover to Etisalat is Dh5 for each 100MB in 0.05 matches per MB of information and Dh10 to get 250MB in 0.04 matches per MB.


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Individuals that are currently looking to access du and only networking stations Du telecom internet packages are supplying a program in which you gain access to pick networking programs. Du’s monthly social program is priced at Dh49 while du supplies a monthly social program for 5 programs. (Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and Blackberry Messenger – should you just happen to use it) to get Dh29. You have to know about the usage policies. Once you cross the acceptable use policy 64KBPS is reduced to by the online rate.

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