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The variety of Du telecommunication within the United Arab Emirates is doubtless, for the multipurpose and pleasant mobile information packages. Of course, this idea is well familiar, yet it doesn’t mean that Du telecommunication doesn’t watch out of its customers in terms of providing web facility.

There fair measure several cool web plans offered by Du Net Offers to its subscribers that don’t appear to be exclusively functional for mobile usage, on the other hand additionally wonderful for usage on computers, tablets and good phones. If you’re the user of Du Broadband or need to know regarding its web information plans before obtaining the subscription of Du telecommunication, this piece of writing can assist you to pick out the web information set up as per your demand. Let’s have a glance on the web information packages offered by Du Broadband.

Du Net Offers

Du Daily Saver Bundle

550 MBs1 Day
ON-net MinOFF-net MinPrice
55AED 2.5


Du Best Monthly Data Pack

0160 MBs1 Month
ON-net MinOFF-net MinPrice
00AED 2.5


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