Du Dongle

When You Want Broadband On The Go, You Need Du Dongle!

Du Dongle, a fantastic accessory that can make our lives much easier.

Du dongles making ease in life for everyone across the UAE to access the internet easily. Portable dongle devices, easy to use, and, best for everyone.

Get access to the internet wherever you are in the UAE. Read on this short brief article and get to know exactly what a dongle is, indeed you should get one, but how to find a deal on du dongle plan.

Thanks to the advance du dongle devices in the hardware world, it is now possible to have small devices that allow us to transfer data between computers without the need to use cables that link them together.Du Dongle

To find more information about dongle devices we recommend you continue reading the next part of this post, where we tell you some more features of this type of device so useful for users.

Types of du dongles

Du dongle devices have not only become one of the most widely used means for storing digital files but also constitute a really interesting option to transfer information between computers and peripherals, as well as to share the network connection.

DeviceMemory CapacityInternet Type
Internet Key4 GB4G LTE 100 Mbps
Internet Key4 GB21.6 Mbps
Mobile Wi-Fi4 GB7.2 Mbps
Mobile Wi-Fi4 GB21 Mbps
Mobile Wi-Fi8 GB100 Mbps


Du dongles make you access the fastest Wi-Fi.

Du dongles devices are designed to carry anywhere.

These du dongles can be used for multipurpose: to access internet / to store files. Du dongles are cost-beneficial and are easily available all across the UAE.

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