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Du data plan holds various plan options. This makes it easy for everyone to find a mobile phone plan that fits well in everyday life without weighing in your pocket.

But with so many du data bundles, it can be tricky to know which modality is best for you. This relatively short article will guide you to select the best du monthly plan that fits perfectly with your monthly consumptions.

The first step is to decide between a postpaid plan and a prepaid plan, which are offered at the du data package. Each has different advantages. You have to know the options better to find out which type of plan is best for your day to day.

Du data packages to keep you connected with your friends, family, and co-workers. Choose any plans that suit you the most to your needs.

Du monthly data packages – Postpaid

Data UsageTypeAEDValidity
1 GBRecurrent50Monthly
3 GBRecurrent100Monthly
10 GBRecurrent200Monthly
40 GBOne-off50030 Days

Du monthly data packages – Prepaid

Data UsageTypeAEDValidity
1 GBOne-off60Till the end of your bill
3 GBOne-off120Till the end of your bill
5 GBOne-off160Till the end of your bill

Prepaid or Postpaid Plans: Which One is best for you

Du Data

Anyone who is willing to spend a little more and commit to the monthly bill of a du monthly postpaid plan has the advantage of choosing fuller-service plans. 

And you don’t have to worry about having your deductible closed before the end of the month. 

Those who prefer to have more control over spending and have reduced mobile phone use, both in calls and internet use, can save with du monthly prepaid plans. In this case, it is worth looking for packages that offer advantages to the most used services.

What to consider when choosing a postpaid plan

First of all, of course, you should consider the call, SMS and your internet usage. Then choose the best package that fits perfectly to your estimated monthly usage.

The good news is that du monthly plans for postpaid are really quite varied in this regard. And it fits anyone’s usage.

Those who spend more time on mobile and enjoy video apps may prefer du unlimited data package.

Prepaid Plans for Those Who Want More Control

With the prepaid plan, you decide how much you want to put credit on your cell phone, and spend this amount as needed. The advantage with du data plans is that you are not stuck with a certain monthly expense. That is, it just spends how much it really needs.


  • Browsing speed (fastest internet all across UAE).
  • Easy setup.
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