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How to get the best home internet and mobile packages in UAE

A guide to making the best choice from the variety of plans offered by du home internet


There may be several services providers, but when it comes to picking the best internet package for home – Du home internet is all a person’s needs. Du covers internet packages for an individual to businesses.

It all be contingent on your requirements: prepaid or postpaid, traveler or occupier, local minutes or international minutes, a slight data or a slice of data, agreement or no contract, phone or no phone.


Here’s our guide on the deals to be ensured and the plans to adopt to confirm you make the best choice.

Selecting a plan

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To figure out what plan is for you. First, define what percentage local and global minutes you’d consume on a mean month through a couple of bill cycles.

For global calling, since voice Internet Protocol services like Skype and FaceTime are blocked within the UAE. Another consideration is subscribing to an online calling plan. Du now offers unlimited calling through the applications BOTIM for a charge of Dh52.50 per month.

Data are often tricky also. About 1GB is usually enough for those that use WhatsApp, Google Maps and lightweight internet. For those that stream video and music, 5GB or higher is more suitable. Including a phone together with your plan would require signing up for a contract.

Du Home Internet Packages

Here is why du home internet is best for you


Du’s prices for activation are most cost-beneficial. Du has a web exclusive prepaid offer that waives the activation fee for a Dh52.50 package. That has 30 flex minutes and 750MB data. Du also waives postpaid line activation fees for patrons who check-in for auto payments.

Du home packages allow users to seek out the foremost appropriate plan by choosing between prepaid, postpaid or tourist. Within prepaid, there’s a choice between voice and data or data only, and daily or monthly recharge. Within postpaid, there are choices between national or flexible calling and lightweight, medium or heavy data.

A tourist line is as cheap as Dh26.25 for 3 days of 10 flex minutes and 150 MB data, up to Dh115.50 for 14 days of 40 flex minutes and a couple of GB data.

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