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Watch your favorite TV shows and programs with du TV. If you are looking for Du TV packages we have got you covered. You can easily get du TV plans of your choice. To save you time, we have prepared a detailed list of du TV channels list along with per month AED.

du TV

Du TV Packages

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beIN Full PackagesEntertainment Get StartedPremium South Asian
38 Channels22 Channels263 Channels
110 AED / month 79 AED / month149 AED / month



OSN Pinoy Plus ExtraOSN Pinoy PlusEnglish Package
41 Channels27 Channels89 Channels
166 AED / month124 AED / month39 AED / month



beIN Full PackageBasic South AsianOSN TFC Plus
38 Channels90 Channels16 Channels
110 AED / month75 AED / month99 AED / month



ART FamilyAlfa ArabicMTV Lebanon
5 Channels8 Channels1 Channels
25 AED / month60 AED / month10 AED / month


South Asian

Premium South AsianBasic South AsianZee Family + HD
263 Channels90 Channels13 Channels
149 AED / month75 AED / month34 AED / month



41 Channels16 Channels11 Channels
166 AED / month99 AED / month99 AED / month



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