Du VS Etisalat

How to Get the Best Internet Deal? Du VS Etisalat

Internet World Stats says that there are more than 80 million users in the United Arab Emirates. More than 90 % of the population uses the internet in the UAE.

Accessing the internet has made a modern lifestyle. You will see multiple options to access the internet in the UAE, depending on where you have recognized your residence. You can’t rely on internet services that are unsecure and makes trouble for you in daily life.


Who is winning? Du VS Etisalat

Du VS Etisalat

People often think that both providers charge the same for activation Du Home Internet & Etisalat. And more people are curious about who is the winning Du VS Etisalat, But, in this case, Du is superior to Etisalat, Du offers an exclusive prepaid offer that includes 30 flex minutes and 750 MB data in 52 AED.

Du Home Internet allows consumers to catch out on the most suitable plans and packages whether they want prepaid, postpaid or any plan for tourists.

Du has the most appropriate and cheap packages for locals and tourists as well in less than 27 AED for three days of flex 10 minutes and 115 MB data, Tourists can avail suitable plan of 14 days with 40 flex minutes and internet data of 2 GB.


Choosing a plan

To find out what plan suits you the most, Good practice is to determine your usage that how many minutes you use locally and internationally both.

You can do this with the help of your last few bills and get to know your average monthly usage.

An average person with normal data usage uses around 1 GB internet to access WhatsApp and a little bit of internet use. But if you are a person who streams video on mobile data and loves to hear music online. 1 GB is nothing for you, not even 5 GB for some. A higher bundle needs to fulfill higher usage. Du plans offer free Wi-Fi UAE. Check out Du Home Internet Packages 


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