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Launching First 5G-Ready Du WiFi Routers in UAE

Du Broadband lets you in the world of ultra high speed internet with the first time 5G ready wifi routers all across UAE. No more Slow browsing with Du Wifi.

With just starting price 299 AED / month du’s customers can avail wireless 5-G terminal device with zero upfront.

Access 5G plug and play in all 5G enabled areas across UAE.

Within months this 5G accessible locations will cover all parts of UAE and 5G rollout journey will entertain customers throughout the parts of country.


Potential of 5G Ready Du Wifi

5G will empower opportunities for consumers and open new door to stay connected in the era of modern life style and fulfill needs.

Be aware that choosing your router correctly can result in significantly higher internet performance.


Du wifi


How to choose the best du wifi routers for you

When choosing a router, you need to pay attention to some details such as: baud rate, number of antennas, quality of these antennas, security standard, and frequency of supported bands and even extra features that can be very useful to the user such as accessing the settings. By cellphone, parental control, USB ports among other things.

  • Router with 300 mbps transmission speed: 35 mbps maximum internet
  • Du router baud rate of 750 mbps: 90 mbps maximum internet
  • Router with 1750 mbps transmission speed: 210 mbps maximum internet


More speed, mbps

If you plan to use du wifi on more than 1 floor, recommended installing a repeater for each floor.

Higher speeds (over 300mbps) allow you to travel at high speeds on internal connections to your network.

For example: connections to internal servers, sharing with Drop Box, printer sharing and USB stick.

However, it will not increase your internet speed unless you have ultra high speed Du Broadband internet and du wifi an internet as fast as the data transmission of the router you intend to buy.

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