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New Offers by UAE’s Du to Unblock voice Chat Feature for some Games

The telecoms regulator of the UAE is in discussions to also lift bans on Skype and FaceTime in the new offers.


UAE telecoms supplier Du home internet Dubai has unblocked the voice Chat attribute for numerous video games that are online.


What has on mentioned a Du community forum article as confirming the chat attribute was allowed for online games such as Fortnite, the Battlegrounds, overview, Destiny of Player Unknown, Strike of King.

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Gamers confirmed the block was Lifted for the games on PC and PlayStation 4. However there have been a few issues with other people, according to the book.


The operators of the UAE block all kinds of third party voice over internet protocol (VoIP) communication below the nation’s telecoms laws.


Popular services like Microsoft Apple’s and Skype Facetime are inaccessible in the voice conversation features in programs. Like Instagram WhatsApp and Snapchat, in addition to the emirates.


The availability of purposes may give Expats expect that steps will follow along with different services.


A UAE newspaper mentioned the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) manager. General Hamad Ubaid Al Mansouri as verifying in April the ruler was in discussions with Apple and Microsoft to have the ban in their solutions raised.


The discussions followed the launching of VoIP programs that were by Du and Its Etisalat this season. Coinciding with a crackdown that has witnessed entry to FaceTime and Skype blocked.


The UAE is among the few nations in the Gulf area. Where Programs continue to be inaccessible last September after Saudi Arabia raised its ban.


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It was stated by the kingdom would allow programs that meet requirements but would Monitor new offers to calls.



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