Du pay bill

Du pay bill launches pay-per-minute data service

Du pay bill presents mobile data for two fills per minute maximum speed of 1Mbps

UAE telecom du has launched the Start-Stop Data Service attribute to control its information usage.

Du broadband has placed its client’s Choices, as the service prices 2 fills/minute, at a maximum rate of 1Mbps.

With this service, users can browse the web messaging and social apps and stream videos.

To prepaid customers, activate du’s Start-Stop Data Service Will need to dial *555# to begin and stop their information sessions.



2G is on 1800 and 900 MHz, 3G 2100 MHz that is on up to DC-HSPA+.4G/LTE is on 1800 MHz (B3) and 800 MHz (B20).

The policy of du operators is very great from the towns, Highways on 2G, 3G and maybe even 4G/LTE and populated places giving performance and fantastic speed.  The very first MVNOs or quite subsidiaries started with Virgin Mobile on the du net packages in 2017.

Fahad Al Hasawi

Fahad Al Hasawi, chief commercial officer, du, stated:

“For the first time, du pay bill is offering clients in the UAE data bundling in an on-demand foundation.  We’ve recognized that our consumers want control and more convenience when it comes to handling their data.


“We wanted to offer more transparency to our customers and offer them control over the information use.  Introducing a pay-per-minute scheme for information use enables us to additional address our customers’ wants and desires, and to deliver on our promise of always adding life to life, he added Clients’ needs.


To subscribe to du offers Start-Stop Data Service To have Time Out or credit of Credit balance.  Once the ceremony is activated, there is a minimal charge of 30 fills for the first 15 minutes of Usage.  After that, it will be 2 fills per minute for a maximum duration of four hours in one session.

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