Du TV packages

What is du Managed IPTV? Du TV packages

Du Managed IPTV is the most progress and advanced digital TV service in the UAE, giving you the control of your TV experience, thanks to a Wonderful Selection of features That Provide a much better TV experience with du TV packages.


What stations are Accessible within du Managed IPTV?


Apart from 150 du TV stations. It is possible to subscribe to content such as films, news, documentaries, drama, humor series, entertainment, and sports. Check our supply to pick.


Whether you are operating a hotel, restaurant, fitness center or another hospitality company in the UAE, this is the perfect option for you.

Experience over 150 stations in SD, HD and 4K TV Stations for many day screening in OTT and IPTV TV platforms.


From over 200 Premium channels such as pictures, Entertainment, sports, news, lifestyle plus a set of language that is varied bundles offered in Chinese, Arabic, German, Russian and a lot more.



Du channels

  • End-to-end over IP connectivity that is complete.
  • HD 4K and SD TV Channels in OTT and IPTV TV platforms.
  • Video support.
  • Total IPTV turnkey solution consultancy.

Fundamental searchable IPTV Bundle

Our Managed IPTV Basic bundle, clients can enjoy over 150 stations.



Non-PVR (such as basic bundle)

Setup Commission per decoder of du TV packages


AED 360 / year

AED 199 / one time


Add-on Packages

Clients May subscribe to content. Such as documentaries, news, entertainment, drama, humor series, videos, and sports.


Arabic Bundle

  • AED 600 / annually
  • Rotana station. Documentary, Spiritual


Asian Bundle

  • AES 100 / annually
  • Articles that are Asian, Asian News, Asian Music, and Films and Family.


General Entertainment Package

  • AED 3000 / annually
  • Music, Documentary, Factual and Education, English Movies and way of life.


Business News Package

  • AED 50 / per month
  • Global Financial News


Additional Languages

  • German Content, Chinese Content, Russian Content
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